PREVENT - RELIEVE - RELAX : Solutions against the back pain
AU CONFORT DU DOS selected the best bed bases among several technologies: slats, blocks, logs, springs.

There are 3 big families of bed bases according to your need:

      - the static bed bases : they are fixed and
         support the mattress horizontally.

      - the manual bed bases : allow to adjust
         manually the slope of the head, the back or
         the legs.

      - the electric bed bases : equipped with 1, 2 or
         4 engines, they allow to adjust very
         precisely the slope of the head, the back, the
         legs or the feet by simple pressure to the
         remote control.
A good bed base has to support quite at the same time perfectly all the zones of the body but also react according to the movements of the latter.

All the zones of our body do not need the same support. Indeed the heaviest zones (pond, trunk) must be very firm. On the other hand the lightest zones (shoulders, feet, head) must be flexible enough to avoid the tensions.

That is why the association mattress + bed base is essential to guarantee a good relaxing position of sleep and relaxing.

Make your choice !