PREVENT - RELIEVE - RELAX : Solutions against the back pain
Les Fauteuils Relax électrique
Ergo Gravity
Rimini Focus
Rimini Relux
AP 06
ERGO GRAVITY : more than relax !

The American Space agency or N.A.S.A noticed that the majority of the astronauts put knees in an angle of 128 ° when they relaxed and slept. This is the zero-gravity position.

    -  Relaxes the whole body and maintains the youth of the vertebral  
        column thanks to the natural decompression of vertebras.

    -  Relieve the muscular tension, the pain and the fatigue. 

    -  A position heightened by legs over the level of the heart improves  
        the blood circulation.

    -  Improve the lung capacity and assures a deeper, more relaxed

    -  Improve the blood circulation and the oxygenation of the blood.
From 3'495,- Frs
From 3'750,- Frs
Color of the base
Color and typical of cover
Leather Top grain
Leather Premium
Support drink 

Your favorite drink always at hand.
Intermediate table 
home cinema

To relax pleasantly together and to take advantage of a book or a movie. The intermediate table is slightly bent and can serve as long to relax that as connection between two armchairs.
Support of laptop computer

to Work at home in a relaxing environment, well for the back ? A good book at hand ? It is possible! The tilting table can be adjusted according to various angles.
Cover in the back of the armchair 

You also wish a finish for the back of the armchair in your favorite color ?
Memory form foam 

A basis relieving the pressure thanks to the foam to slow memory.