PREVENT - RELIEVE - RELAX : Solutions against the back pain
Since his creation in 1995, AU CONFORT DU DOS propose ergonomic solutions to fight against the back troubles, unfortunately more and more present everyday.

In permanent search of new products and last technologies, we also attach a particular attention on the quality of our products. Indeed the robustness, the ergonomics, the adaptability but also an ecological production are so many criteria of choice for our products.

To have a good product is not enough because he must be adapted to your need and your morphology.
That is why AU CONFORT DU DOS takes time to question you and to listen to you. It is with you that we find the best product to answer your request.

AU CONFORT DU DOS has for vocation to relieve the troubles of the back and the body and to prevent the risks on the health of the back.

Our body needs to relax to delete the back pain, whether it is for the work or at home. We stain to bring you the good solutions.